August 28, 2023

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant

WILLOW SPRINGS, Mo. - The Willow Springs Elementary School will be participating in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant this school year.

All elementary students will have the opportunity during their snack time to have a fresh fruit or veggie snack throughout the school day. Students will get to try different fruits and veggies that may not be available to them locally.

We have all kinds of fun things on the menu like star fruit, passion fruit, snow peas, red pears, kale, beats, dragon fruit and so on.

“Introducing our young students to different types of food and experimenting with new flavors can reduce the likelihood of them developing eating habits by becoming familiar with different tastes and textures early on in life,” said Food Service Director, Regina Roberts.


For additional information, contact Jenny Hayward, Communications Director, at